Friday, December 17, 2010

York Mystery Plays, 2010

I recently discovered that the performance of the Mystery Cycle in York, which I was fortunate enough to see this past summer, is available for purchase from the production's website! A preview/making-of video is available on YouTube:

The plays themselves were truly spectacular and richly inventive. Each troupe had their own, elaborately decorated wagon, and performed their play at various stations throughout the city, much as the guilds would have done centuries ago. I watched all of the 12 plays selected for this past summer's festival, which totaled about five hours of performance time! Rather than traveling to different stations and taking a risk of missing one of the plays, I opted to watch all of them in succession at Dean's Park, with the stunning York Minster just behind the performance site.

If you are at all interested in medieval cycle plays, and/or plan to teach medieval drama at some point, I really recommend picking up a copy of this DVD. Not only is the price rather reasonable, and the plays remarkable, but you'll also be supporting future production of the cycle plays in the town of York. For more info, you can check out the following website:

Finally, here are some photos I took while watching the plays this past summer -- hope you enjoy them!

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