About Kristi J. Castleberry

Kristi, gazing out over The Black Linn Falls behind Ossian's Hut (Scotland, 2011).

I am a PhD Candidate in Medieval Literature at the University of Rochester (in Rochester, New York). I specialize in Middle English Literature, and am looking especially at issues of gender, alterity, and identity formation. My dissertation, "The Perils of Peregrination: Female Travel and Textual Authority in Middle English Literature," focuses on narratives of female ocean travel. For this project, I'm exploring medieval gender roles, female authorship, maps, ocean studies, and intercultural contact. In addition to researching and writing, I teach Freshmen Writing for the University of Rochester's College Writing Program, and love to teach courses that focus on identity politics in literature and film.

As my dissertation focuses on travel, I try to travel whenever (and wherever) possible. Last Summer (2011), I took an amazing trip across England, Scotland, and Wales and also travelled around New England and took a trip down the East Coast. In past years, I have taken a variety of journeys, including two different road trips across the United States. Born in Alaska, raised in California, and living in New York, I have come to appreciate the importance of location to my identity as well as my research, and am always planning future trips.   

While at home, I love to spend time with my cats, Gringolet and Gamelyn, and my colleagues, friends, and family.

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