Monday, December 13, 2010

Wessex, Mouvance, and Magnussona Saga

This is just a brief shout-out, of sorts. I am currently working on my MLA paper -- one that explores the nomadic qualities of Manussona Saga -- and am in the process of discussing the text in terms of the theory of 'mouvance' as established by Paul Zumthor and Michel Zink. In my cursory searches for writings on/about this theory, I stumbled upon this wonderful website:Wessex Parallel Web Texts. In addition to providing a wealth of information on medieval Insular lyrics (the Harley Lyrics in particular), it also includes a cogent summation of the theory of 'mouvance' as well as a case-study which can be quite easily incorporated into a lesson-plan on medieval lyric poetry. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Just a random, and very specific, medieval blurb -- but not to worry! They won't all be as hyper-specific. I'm planning on doing write-ups on medieval films, etc. as well, which will be a bit less 'er whatish' to my non-medievalist compadres!


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