Thursday, August 17, 2017

CFP: Teaching Gower

This summer's adventures are coming to an end, but the work goes ever on!  A post about summer research travels is coming, but for now, I offer a CFP to those of you who may be working on your fall courses....

CFP: Special Issue, Teaching Gower

The MLA published its Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower in 2011, starting a crucial conversation about teaching Gower’s works across a range of contexts. This cluster of essays intended for Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching will expand on the work of the 2011 MLA volume.  Though considerable progress has been made in bringing Gower’s works into the classroom, Gower is nonetheless underrepresented in anthologies and thus on syllabi, and much less attention has been given to approaches to teaching his works.  SMART has expressed initial interest in a cluster of essays, somewhere between three and eight pieces.

We welcome essays taking a range of approaches.  Some potential approaches may include teaching Gower’s multilingual and/or multicultural contexts; Gower and the digital humanities; Gower’s work in the context of survey courses; and performative approaches to teaching Gower.  We are particularly interested in pieces addressing teaching Gower in the context of the undergraduate classroom, and we invite authors to include practical approaches for doing so.

All pieces should follow the latest Chicago Manual of Style guidelines and otherwise follow SMART’s submission guidelines, available here.  Final pieces should be approximately 2500 words, not including notes.

If interested in contributing, please contact  Full-length drafts will be due no later than 30 December 2017.

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