Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Which Two Bloggers Decide to Curb the Spam: Or, Our Shiny New Moderation Policy

Unlike this tin-can collectible, spam of the internet
variety is neither "wicked," nor "awesome."
Certainly not "wicked-awesome."
In Romaunce was recently subjected to a bizarre barrage of spam messages, all of which were advertisements masquerading as comments.  Kristi and I quickly realized — after seeing a half-dozen or so appear within an hour — that we needed to find a way to discourage these kinds of posts. We have, as a result, decided to start moderating the comments we receive.

We want to reassure our readers that this blog will remain a space for fruitful dialogue, and we will always welcome diverse and contrary perspectives. Our goal is to foster conversation, and in an effort to keep our energies focused in the right places, we're going to start filtering comments.

Messages that respond in direct (or meaningfully indirect!) ways to our posts will always be prioritized, provided that the they are ones geared towards striking up  conversation (quibbles with phrasing, cavalier/dismissive comments, etc. will likely not get published). In line with many other blogs, we will always be happy to advertise events, conferences, etc. related to the interests of the blog.  We will, however, refrain from publishing unsolicited advertisements, especially for goods or events with no connection to what we write about here at In Romaunce. I'm looking at you, i', and others of your regrettable ilk. And it goes without saying that we refuse to publish or feed trolls.

Hopefully this will put an end to the spam, and we can get back to conversing as usual!

Take care, oh wanderers of the interwebs, and stay tuned for more from your friends here at In Romaunce or, to use our recently discovered acronym, IRAWR.



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